Shadow Orchestra play Sunrise Celebration festival

I can’t believe how fast the year has gone – it doesn’t seem a minute since I was last playing at the Sunrise Celebration festival. And, yet again, I had a brilliant time even though I was only on site for about 14 hours this time.

This year I only had one gig, playing with the Shadow Orchestra on the Bimble Inn stage on Friday night:


When we arrived, the site was basking in glorious sunshine, and there was a great vibe in the air:



Shadow Orchestra at Sunrise festival

Catching up with sound engineer Sonk before our gig

Following on from the good vibes in the early evening, the night-time crowd was fantastic and totally up for it. I think we played one of our best gigs for ages, and I had a bit of an emotional moment on stage when Dave kicked in with the bass drum at the end of Sweet as a Nut.

Then, because we were in Somerset, we went in search of pig and cider. And then things got a little weird…

Sunrise Police Box

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