The most romantic thing I ever heard

Love heart cakesA little while ago I was stuck in the back of a taxi heading through London, after doing an interview for the BBC.

It was an unseasonably warm Friday afternoon and the rush hour traffic was already starting to coagulate in London’s arteries, so the driver and I got chatting to pass the time as we crawled along the Embankment in the simmering haze.

I never found out his name, but he was a typical middle-aged man who lived in Kent (if I recall correctly) – greying, bit overweight, estuary accent and a charming smile. In the course of things, he told me that it was his wife’s birthday the following weekend, and that he was going to treat her to something really special. Not a trip to the local Italian followed by a few drinks in the pub – something much, much better.

He’d hired a private jet to fly her to Paris. Apparently he had a connection with someone at Rolls Royce who’d managed to swing him a good deal on the plane. Not only that, he revealed an elaborate ruse to trick her into thinking they were flying by CrapAir from “London” Stansted.

I was in paroxysms of girlie delight (men, take note…). How cute is that? Taking your wife to Paris by private jet? But it didn’t stop there. He’d gone one step further.

I’d previously told him that I was busy recording two albums with my bands.

“I spent last weekend in a recording studio, you know,” he said.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. I recorded a couple of Michael Buble tracks for the wife, to play on the plane.”

“That’s so sweet!”

“Do you wanna hear ’em? I’ve got the CD in here somewhere…”

He started rummaging in the glove box before I could even answer. Luckily, the traffic was stationary. Although I’m not a fan of Mickey Bubbles, as he’s known in our house, I could hardly say no.

I steeled myself to politely hear the lovelorn grunting of a middle-aged cabbie. I was completely wrong. The man could sing, and it was clearly a heartfelt performance (although I can’t say it converted me to the music of El Bubbles).

“Of course,” he said, once the backing track had faded out, “I could never tell any of my mates about this. They’d just take the piss.”

“So why are you telling me – a girl you’ve never met before?”

“’Cos you don’t know me, and you don’t know them.”

Of course, he didn’t know that I was going to tell the internet – sorry about that…

Anyway, that’s the most romantic thing I think I’ve ever heard about lately. How about you?

14 responses to “The most romantic thing I ever heard

  1. Aww. What a privilege that he shared it with you, and what a lucky woman she is!

  2. That’s gorgeous Kat.
    A *little* like my plan for my wife’s next birthday. At our wedding we had a guitarist/singer do Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird.
    Recently I saw it used on Glee – a wonderful rendtion (with a twist) and it got me thinking…
    I’m teaching myself to play guitar and piano now, 48 years and never learnt any music. So I figure I’ll learn how to play Songbird on both, mix them, and take some singing lessons too and try to put down a reasonable voice track. Youtube the lot and then show her on the day.
    Now what would be really cool is a certain Shadow Orchestra doing the backing from the other side of the planet… 🙂

    • Great plan – very romantic! I can’t promise the Shadow Orchestra unfortunately, as I’ve got enough trouble getting us to finish our own album, let along guest on anything else 🙂

  3. Romance is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure my wife would be delighted if I took her to Paris by private jet. But probably not quite as delighted as she was one Valentine’s Day when I organised a half day, personalised guided tour of the Jubilee Line, including visits to the control rooms at Stratford and Canary Wharf and a ride in the driver’s cab between the two, followed by a visit to the London Transport Museum.

    (Yes, you’re right, she is more geeky than girlie. And I love her all the more for it.)

    • @SimonK – haha, that is really romantic (and really geeky!), really sweet idea 🙂

      @Paul – I hear that a lot from friends with kids!

  4. Mine was, “I’ll take care of Ana this morning, why don’t you have a lie-in” 🙂

  5. I always thought the bit in Red Dwarf was sweet when Lister is unable to get his girlfriend a present but is able to send her two bags of flour, ie flours. And there was a pun in it too which makes me like it even more 🙂

    A bag of flour?

    No, two bags. I’m in the Tank, in the middle of deep space. I can’t just get on the blower to Interflora, you know! (Points) Flour – Flours! It’s the closest I could get.

    You romantic fool.

  6. Very sadly lacking romance right now but I did climb a tree once that overlooked my girlfriends house and put 3 candles in the branches inside little glasses so the wind would not blow them out. She saw them that night as she went to bed and knew it was me. It was a three mile hike to get to her house in the middle of winter and required crossing a small mountain. It was worth it, but alas nothing lasts 😦

  7. What’s the most romantic thing someone has done for you Kat?

  8. Oh no, how do you delete posts! never mind… sorry for the excess of messages…… not very romantic, lol

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