Wettest gig ever – Sunday Driver play the Waterside Festival

The perils of being a gigging musician are manifold, from negiotiating festival toilets to driving hundreds of miles on a spare tyre, fuelled only by espresso and fruit pastilles.

On Friday,  Sunday Driver faced what could have been one of our worst gigs of the summer at the Waterside Festival in Milton Keynes. It turned out to be hilariously brilliant.

As usual, I was first to arrive. So I sat in my car for half an hour looking out at this:

Waterside festival 2011

It was absolutely pissing it down.  The only people to be seen were hiding under gazebos or scurrying away under umbrellas. This did not bode well for a great gig.

Local musicians the Cock and Bull band took to the stage first. They played a gutsy set of folky songs, and managed to get a few people bobbing up and down under the trees:

Waterside festival 2011 - Cock and Bull band

The rest of Sunday Driver turned up. There was nothing to do but shelter under the backs of our cars and hope it might clear up. It didn’t:

Waterside festival 2011 - Sunday Driver

We got set up on the (thankfully covered) stage:

Waterside festival 2011 - Sunday Driver

The crowd gathers in damp anticipation (I think some of them were hiding in the beer tent):

Waterside festival 2011

Waterside festival 2011 -no Sparklers

You'd never have kept one lit anyway

The most important thing on stage was a yellow bucket, catching the torrent of rainwater pouring off the tarpaulin before it soaked the electrics and killed us all:

Waterside Festival 2011 - bucket

In the end, we played a great set and the crowd were enthusiastically appreciative, although at one point I wasn’t sure if they were waving or drowning. Chandy and I kept breaking off in hysterical laughter at the antics of the teenagers at the front of the stage – at one point someone even tried to crowd-surf, which was an impressive feat in a moshpit of ten people.

Huge thanks to everyone who braved the rain to come and see us, and to the organisers for booking us. Shame about the weather, but I think everyone had a good time anyway.

4 responses to “Wettest gig ever – Sunday Driver play the Waterside Festival

  1. Hi Kat,

    I love this post :”hilariously brilliant” pretty much sums the evening up.
    You guys were absolutely superb and we can’t thank you enough.

    It actually got wetter on Saturday ..


    • Cheers Graham – glad you enjoyed it. I’ve just about dried my harp covers out now! Sorry to hear it was a wet weekend. I looked at the forecast for the rest of it when I got home and felt really sorry for you all.

  2. dejavu the following day for The Woven Project, ”hilariously brilliant” indeed.

  3. Glad you had a good one despite the rain!

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