Things I learned at the World Steam Expo

I’m still trying to mentally process the whirlwind madness that was my trip to the World Steam Expo in Dearborn at the end of May. Pics and more blather are up now over on the Sunday Driver blog. But here are a few thoughts of my own.

  • Lacing up a corset too tightly *will* leave you bruised
  • (Wo)man cannot live on pretzels and tequila alone for a whole weekend, but she can give it a damn good try
  • The backs of my legs are like cocaine for mosquitoes
  • Through the cunning use of corsetry, women’s breasts can be persuaded to defy gravity and probably several other laws of nature too
  • Five people from the same band sharing a room is four people too many. Even (or possibly especially) for the married ones
  • Michigan is not overly blessed with vegetarian options. Plus, you’d be amazed what comes with added bacon
  • It’s possible to belly dance with a sword on your head, as demonstrated by the wonderful Harpnotic:


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