Gig review: Givers at the Shacklewell Arms, Dalston

I have a new hero, and her name is Tiffany Lamson.

Givers - Shacklewell Arms

She’s the fiery (and tiny) co-lead of Givers – a US band that I saw at the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston at the weekend.  Attentive readers may remember me featuring them on the blog a week or two ago, and they were even better in the flesh than they are on record.

It was one of the best gigs I’ve been to for ages – tiny room, massive sound, and a stonking performance from the band, who wrapped things up by kicking over their drumkits and stumbling sweatily off-stage into the tiny beer-garden (the Shacklewell is not exactly purpose-built as a music venue). Also, because I am pathetically short, I managed to weasel my way right to the very front, jammed up against the lead singer/guitarist’s monitor.

I didn’t really notice him much though, as I was transfixed by Tiffany. She’s a great singer, talented percussionist and charismatic performer who kicks ass with a ukulele. I’m pretty sure that all the men and women in the room were more than a little bit in love with her by the end of the night. Awesome.

The band mostly stuck to songs from the recent album In Light, but also pulled out a 3-song Talking Heads medley. I’m not really a Head-head, so I didn’t recognise the songs, but it helped me see where some of Givers’ influences come from, given the little I know of David Byrne and co.

I also got the feeling they were a little bit confused by the whole “London audiences don’t dance” thing. Although a few of us in the front row were doing our best, it’s a sad fact that London crowds are the hardest bunch to get moving in the entire world. (Ask me how I know…)

Here’s a crappy photo taken on my phone, to remind me of a brilliant night full of great music. They’re back in the UK in August playing at Field Day, Hoxton Bar & Grill and some other places around the country (gig list on their website). Don’t miss them – they are AMAZING. Consider yourself told.

Givers - Shacklewell arms 2

7 responses to “Gig review: Givers at the Shacklewell Arms, Dalston

  1. It should also be noted that there was not much room for dancing in!

  2. Well that explains why nobody is moving in the video of Up Up Up (filmed a day before this show).

    Here are a few videos from the past year
    Up Up Up:
    Saw You First:
    Saw You First (accoustic/different):
    Sneaky Wajoo:
    Wanna Want It 2010:
    Wanna Want It 2011:
    Go Out At Night:
    Ripe Mannish:

  3. Will definitely make an effort to see them at Field day. After all you and Paul Lester ( can’t both be wrong.

  4. Gidon, they’ve very good live. Givers give you dancey pants. What more could you want.

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