Sunday Driver play Music at the Crossroads

Another weekend, another festival – this time a gig with Sunday Driver at the Music at the Crossroads festival on 2nd July, held just outside the unexpectedly topical destination of Chipping Norton. David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks did not turn up. I suspect they may have had more pressing engagements…

The thing I love most about small festivals is the parking – I can usually get my car pretty close to the back of the stage. This one was no exception, but the views from backstage left a lot to be desired:



Luckily the view from the front of the stage was much better, being full of the happy residents of Hook Norton and its environs, necking the local beer in the sunshine:


The rest of the billing was made up of local bands, mostly playing blues and rock. Can’t remember who this lot were, unfortunately:


The crowd were fantastic and loved our set. Though there was a group of people at the front all wearing bizarre masks of the same person. I have no idea who this woman is (any ideas? I can only assume she’s off of the telly…) but it was probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen at a gig for a long time:


Huge thanks to the HookyFest team who made it a great experience for us, from looking after us really well (free dinner and drinks! Yay!) and doing a great job of dealing with our complicated sound setup in record time.

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