Sunday Driver play Farmer Phil’s Festival

Once we’d just about recovered from our jaunt to Norwich, Sunday Driver were off again to Shropshire for Farmer Phil’s Festival in the middle of bloody nowhere.  I turned left at Shrewsbury and kept going till the road ran out…


I wasn’t in the best of states for the gig, as I’d unexpectedly been up till 3am the night before attending to a rather dramatic accident (long story, don’t ask, it’s mostly all fine now).

It was a lovely little festie with a revolving main stage – the idea being that one band could set up on the back of the stage while another act was playing, then the stage spun round to reveal the next band. This was slightly foxed by the fact that we needed to use the house drum kit, which was on the other side of the stage, but it was a nice idea anyway.

I ended up having to put the harp right at the back of the stage, as half of it was rather bumpy grass – not the most suitable of surfaces for balancing my instrument on – and ended up spending most of the set haring back and forth across the stage like an idiot due to a poorly-planned set list.


Despite my exhaustion and general emotional fragility, I had a fun time. The sun shone, the crowd went wild, and we had a mostly good gig, despite missing Amit (still nursing a broken hand).



A special mention is due to stage manager Ray (seen here listening to Mel whinging about something, no doubt…) who was really lovely and kept a very tight (revolving) ship.


I made it back to east London in just under 4 hours and collapsed into bed, trying to salvage as much sleep as possible in preparation for our grand adventure the next day… More of that in the next post.

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