Sunday Driver play Galtres festival – mud, mud, glorious mud

In summary: 500 miles of driving in one day; rip-off motorway service stations; knee deep in mud;  nowhere to sit down; “Levellers only” backstage area harumph; the worst cup of coffee I’ve had for a long time (I’ve excreted urine with more caffeine in it…); Chandy and Joel stricken by food poisoning; I hate the universe; sooooo glad I didn’t bring the harp; oh God the mud… the mud…; getting changed in the car; “It can’t get any worse, I suppose, let’s go for it”; playing an amazing gig to a fantastic crowd; doing the can-can in my wellies on stage to a Bollywood song; car stuck in the mud (thanks to the carpark stewards for pushing me out backwards!); an amazing sunset; drive drive drive drive; tired tired tired tired;  £4.50 for a panino*??!!!; home at last; sleep.

*the world seems reluctant to adopt my alternative singularisation, paninus

I think it may have been some kind of terrible dream. Luckily, I have photographic evidence:

Mud at Galtres festival 2011

This was the mud backstage

Sujit at Galtres festival 2011

Stand-in tabla player Sujit was not impressed


Backstage area Galtres festival 2011

The impressive 3-room marquee backstage...


...which we weren't allowed to use 😦

Backstage trailer

The boys got changed in the storage trailer

Glamorous backstage area at Galtres festival 2011

Mine and Chandy's glamorous changing room - a.k.a my car



What the best-dressed steampunk musicians are wearing this year - half a costume, wellies, and a pissed-off face

Disgusting coffee

The coffee was revolting

Beautiful sunset

The pay-off - an amazing sunset as I drove 250 miles back home

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