Shadow Orchestra plays Off The Tracks

Another weekend, another gig bloody miles away. After last week’s epic trip to Galtres festival, the 120-mile drive to Castle Donington near Derby for a Shadow Orchestra gig at the small-but-perfectly-formed Off The Tracks festival seemed like a mere hop up the motorway.

The festival seemed quieter than when we’ve been in previous years, and the second stage (which we were headlining) had been moved to a much smaller barn than last time, with the world’s teeniest stage.

But we had a great little crowd, despite being programmed at the same time as Dhol Foundation, the mainstage headliners.  They sounded brilliant from the little I heard, and I was gutted to be missing them

I’m bloody knackered though – I think I may have festival fatigue. Still, only gigs on 8th, 9th, 10th, 16th and 23rd September to go, then I can relax a bit…

Here are some pics:

Here’s Manchester reggae band Extra Love giving it some, err, extra love:


Shadow Orchestra billing Off The Tracks

We *really* need to get some new blurb...

King Capische

Sheffield's King Capisce - Thanks to guitarist Tim for booking us for the stage!

King Capisce

Shadow Orchestra

Soundchecking on the smallest stage EVER

Shadow Orchestra

Oooh arty pic!

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