Music on Mondays: Sunday Driver – The Mutiny album teaser

It’s finally here! After about 2 years of blood, sweat, tears, tea and biscuits, Sunday Driver have finally finished our second full studio album – The Mutiny (funded by Arts Council England).

Here’s a teaser:

Producers Tom and Mel have really gone to town on the tracks, and while they still have the acoustic vibe that we know and love, there’s a wonderful richness to the production thanks to some subtle layering of sounds.

We’ve got a limited run of 300 special edition hand-numbered pre-release CDs that will be available to buy shortly*, with a full release to follow early in 2012.  Here they are in my kitchen:

I always get so excited by this part of the whole music-making process – I just want to run around pushing it in people’s faces shouting “Look! We made a thing!! And it sounds AMAZING!!!”

*If you want to get your mitts on a copy, leave a message in the comments (don’t forget to fill in your email address) and I’ll email the link as soon as it’s sorted out.


6 responses to “Music on Mondays: Sunday Driver – The Mutiny album teaser

  1. Hi, Kat. I’d love a copy of your new Sunday Driver CD. The music on your teaser is beautiful, with a rich quality to the sound. It’s great-sounding music.
    Use your blog admin login to get my email address from the comment.

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