Shadow Orchestra play Queen of Hoxton for WahWah45s

My life over the past week has been a horrific explosion of gigs, admin, sorting out stuff, driving, Travelodging, baking and working, topped off with a dose of a rather nasty cold. Sadly, it has left little time for blogging, sleeping, eating and dressing myself properly.

Here are a few pics from the Shadow Orchestra’s gig last Friday night at the Queen of Hoxton for WahWah45s, supporting the fantastic Hackney Colliery Band. Thanks to my unfortunate schedule I was gutted not to actually manage to see their gig, as I had to be up at 8am the next day to drive to Lincoln. More of that later…


Shadow Orchestra billing

On the bill at the Queen of Hoxton


Dave Shadow orchestra

Dave feed his massive coke habit in the Green Room (as an aside, it was nice to have a proper backstage area to get changed and hang out before our gig. Made a change from the toilets...)


Shadow Orchestra Soundcheck

The ubiquitous soundcheck shot



The lovely WahWah45s boys - Dom and Chris


Vivien of Holloway dress

New dress! News dress! I got this in the Vivien of Holloway sale


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