Shadow Orchestra back at the Queen of Hoxton – Soundcrash with Anchorsong and Elan Tamara

Soundcrash billingFor the second time in as many months, the Shadow Orchestra found ourselves back at the Queen of Hoxton – this time as guests of Soundcrash, playing with Anchorsong and Elan Tamara.

I’m really growing to love the place as a great venue for a gig (although the sound system was a bit badly-behaved compared to last time…) – it’s easy to get to, the stage isn’t teeny tiny, it’s a good size but feels intimate, and there’s a great green room to chill out and get changed in, unlike many venues in this fair city.

Despite a tricky soundcheck, we played a great gig to a fantastic crowd. It was my first gig standing up (more of that on the blog later this week), and I had a great time. Not so impressed about spending 30 minutes painstakingly putting my stage makeup on, only to sweat it off in about 30 seconds. It was as hot as Hades up on stage, and not much cooler in the audience.

Huge thanks to Rob and the Soundcrash team for pulling together a great night, and booking us, of course 🙂   I only heard Elan Tamara’s set distantly from backstage as I was getting ready, but it was great to meet such a nice and friendly band (and help them lug their equipment upstairs – any time, ladies!). They seem to be playing a lot around London, so I’m sure I’ll get the chance to hear them properly soon.

I was totally blown away by Anchorsong’s amazing set – meaty beats and dreamy harmonies, played by a guy hammering away on a keyboard and mpc, and backed up by live strings. Awesome. Can’t wait to see him at KOKO in November at the Soundcrash/Tru Thoughts night with Belleruche and a whole bunch of other great acts.

There are some fantastic pics of the night taken by Vent Photosgo and check out their Flickr set. This one is my favourite (luckily you can’t see how much I’m sweating…):

Shadow Orchestra @ Queen of Hoxton, London, 5th October 2011

Pic courtesy of - thanks Jon!

And here are a few rather less professional snaps from me:

Shadow Orchestra

New fairy lights! Flowers on the harp, pink lights for Mary's mic stand


Anchorsong in action

Backstage Queen of Hoxton

Dave and Mary chill out backstage

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