From The Shadow Orchestra to Talk In Colour – new name, new album, new (free) single!

Talk In Colour logo

The Shadow Orchestra is dead. Long live Talk In Colour!

As I’ve previously mentioned, deciding to rename a band is no small thing, but The Shadow Orchestra have bitten the bullet and changed our name. From now on, we are Talk In Colour.

We’re currently feeling very lonely and friendless on Facebook and Twitter, so go and hit us up.

And as an extra special treat, here’s a free download of our brand new single, Nightshifts. Feel free to pimp it far and wide:

Nightshifts – Talk In Colour

Excitingly, the track features in the new film Junkhearts, premiering at the London Film Festival on Friday and going nationwide in November. Check out the exclusive trailer on the Guardian website.

Finally, as a bit of light relief in what’s been a pretty stressful week for me and the band, here are some of the names that didn’t make it on to the shortlist. If you ever need a band name, just drop us a line – we’ve got literally hundreds.

  • Dick Dancer and the Discocunts
  • Fox Penis
  • Nights of Light
  • Knights of Light
  • Future Unit
  • The Chris Bangs Quintet
  • Bangs!
  • The Bangs Gang
  • Pigwings
  • Where’s the child?
  • Philip and his Dog
  • The Meat Sweats

4 responses to “From The Shadow Orchestra to Talk In Colour – new name, new album, new (free) single!

  1. Nice! I think my next project will be Dick Dancer & The Discocunts, if that’s okay with you. So why the name change? I thought the Shadow Orchestra was a cracking name!

    • Only if I can be a backing singer 🙂

      The Shadow Orchestra was a brilliant name, and it’s been agonising deciding to change it – has taken us about 8 months to decide. Lots of reasons for changing: new direction, new energy, new album, sick to death of every bloody band and its dog being the Something Orchestra, and also time to be light, colourful and joyful rather than dark and brooding.

  2. Unless you have a reason not to, you could just rename the Shadow Orchestra Page to your new band. Much easier than creating a new one and trying to get your fans to move.

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