Junkhearts Premier – London Film Festival

Junkhearts posterLast Friday, the members of Talk In Colour (formerly the Shadow Orchestra) donned our smartest clothes and headed to Leicester Square for the premier of Junkhearts – directed by Chris’ wife Tinge Krishnan – as part of the London Film Festival.

Chris did the soundtrack for the film, and two of the most significant scenes heavily feature the Shadow Orchestra track Nick’s Lament (the instrumental version of new Talk In Colour single, Nightshifts – get it for free here!) as well as other bits and bobs played by members of the band. Regular readers may remember this post from more than a year ago, when I did my recording session for the soundtrack during the worst bout of RSI I’ve had so far.

Junkhearts explores the story of Frank (played brilliantly by Eddie Marsan), an alcoholic ex-soldier whose current battle is against Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. A chance encounter with young homeless girl Lynette – the frankly phenomenal Candese Reid in her first film role –  leads to a seemingly unstoppable spiral of events that can only head one way.

Scripted by Simon Frank, the film deals with a lot of difficult themes – PTSD, homelessness, addiction, loneliness – and isn’t afraid to confront them head on. Lest this sound unrelentingly bleak, the film is packed with uplifting moments, with plenty of humour, gorgeous cinematography and – of course – Chris’ score. And from a purely personal perspective it was frankly spine-tingling to sit in a massive cinema and hear my harp twinkling around the room.

The performances from all the cast make it a riveting watch, thanks to some great casting. As well as Marsan and Reid, Romola Garai is luminous as frantically unravelling middle-class mum Christine, and Tom Sturridge is a convincingly nasty piece of work as Lynette’s boyfriend Danny. Together, they’ve created believable characters that I really warmed to, and tell an engaging story.

The soundtrack also features tracks from my other band Sunday Driver, along with other upcoming independent musicians, including Laura Kidd (She Makes War) and Robyn Sherwell. Sadly all of these are rather blink-and-you’ll-miss it appearances, but we’re all in the credits 🙂

Junkhearts will be out nationally from early November in arthouse cinemas across the country.  I highly recommend it. Yes, I’m biased, but I also genuinely think it’s fantastic.

Here are a few frankly terrible photos from the premier. I was clearly too busy hoovering up free champagne to hold the camera straight.

London Film Festival

Free bar!

Mary and Tinge

Mary with director Tinge Krishnan

Romola Garai, Eddie Marsan, Candese Reid - Junkhearts cast

The cast - Romola Garai, Eddie Marsan and Candese Reid

Talk In Colour/Shadow Orchestra - junkhearts

Talk In Colour (though we're the Shadow Orchestra in the film credits)

Dave Talk In Colour

Drummer Dave hobnobs with the stars

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