Wedding cakery – learning to make sugar roses

I can’t believe it was back in March 2010 that I first started thinking about designing and making my wedding cake. Now the big day is just over 2 months away, so I’d better get off my arse and actually do something about it. Balls.

I’ve got a fairly good plan of what I want to do now, incorporating some of the Rennie Mackintosh-style elements I was first inspired by. To this end, I’m going to have to learn how to do royal icing stencilling, which I’m hoping isn’t as tricky as it looks.

But I also really liked the cake at the last wedding I played at – a three tier job with roses trailing up it (from M&S, apparently). Not only has that inspired me to go for three tiers rather than the one I was planning, but I also want to make sugar roses to put on it.

Luckily, my lovely colleague Sam Squires is a bit of a whizz in the cake department, and she gave me a quick tutorial after work one day.  I don’t have detailed step-by-step pics but I think this video on Youtube is basically the same technique we used.

I took a couple of pics to remind myself what we got up to, and now all I have to do is perfect my technique, work out how many I need to make, and make them. Overambitious, moi?


My tutor Sam shows off her rose


cut out petals

It all starts here


Making a rose

I like to think of this as the Mickey Mouse stage


half a rose

Nearly there


Finished sugar rose

Et voila! My finished creation


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