Revere and Toumani tour diary Day 2 – Birmingham

After a cracking breakfast, courtesy of Steve’s mum, we headed back down the motorway to Birmingham, and an even bigger venue – the Town Hall.  We had a lovely backstage room, complete with goodie bags on the rider!

Birmingham rider!

I kept myself busy knitting a pair of stripey socks, made from some beautiful handpainted Misti Alpaca (the colour is called Reggaeton, for all you music fans out there!):

tour sock number 1

I was impressed by the technical wizardry in the Town Hall – the monitor mix engineer did everything with an iPad, which was brilliant, as he could just wander round stage and talk to us, rather than shouting across the stage. Here he is in action with Toumani Diabate and his band during their soundcheck:

Toumani soundchecking in Birmingham 2

It was a big gig for us – there were around 1,200 people in the audience, but we played really well and it was a fantastic venue. Here are our instruments on stage, waiting for us to bring them to life:

Our stuff onstage in Birmingham Town Hall

Afterwards, we headed off to our luxury accommodation (aka Travelodge) somewhere in the wilds of Derbyshire. next stop – Leeds!

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