Revere &Toumani tour diary – Day 1, Liverpool

The Revere tour, supporting Toumani Diabate around the UK, started on Thursday with me sitting for an hour on the stairs like an over-excited 5-year-old, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the rest of the band.

Once we’d unpacked and repacked the van in the pissing rain, we set off for Liverpool. The venue for our first gig, St George’s Hall, was more than a little imposing:

St Georges Hall, Liverpool

We escaped backstage to our huge dressing room to chill out/panic (delete as applicable):

Revere on tour

I snuck out to watch Toumani Diabate and his band soundchecking:

Toumani soundchecking - Liverpool

It was a fantastic venue to kick off our tour, with an amazing chandelier:

Shiny! The chandelier in St Georges Hall

Our gig went brilliantly well, especially considering it was the first time we’d performed our acoustic set. I was nervous as hell as I was doing the set from memory for the first time too, but the audience reception was wonderful. Kath and Ellie from the band were suitable relieved afterwards:

Ellie and Kath breathe a sigh of relief after our first gig

Booking agent Charlie and manager Chris were also pleased with our performance:

Booking agent Charlie looking imposing

Manager Chris, online as usual

We also got to hear Toumani’s set, and it was incredible. I love the sound of the kora, and his playing is superb.

Toumani on stage in Liverpool

Overall – a great start. We headed back to Steve’s parents’ house on the Wirral for a late-night snack and some puppy love:

Enjoying a midnight snack at Steve's parents' house

Doggy!! Kath and Penny the dog

Next stop, Birmingham!

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