Revere and Toumani Diabate tour diary – in the studio

Saturday was meant to be our day off but because sleep is for wusses, we headed to Miloco studios in Hoxton Square to record some of the tracks we’ve been performing live during the tour.

The harp had a bit of a diva moment after being thrown around the country in the back of a van. It took a lot of gaffer tape slapped up her insides to fix it up:

The harp awaits her big day

Huge thanks to sound engineer Jarred for putting up with us and keeping the mics clear of the “twatting zone” (the area around the harp where I’m most likely to smack them with my hands).

Sound engineer Jared

Kath has a quick pre-take panic:

Kath, panicking

Manager Chris keeps us in check:

Hanging around at the studio

Ellie’s either tuning or up to mischief:

Ellie tunes up

We were absolutely thrilled to be joined by Toumani Diabate for a couple of hours to record a few tracks with us, including the acoustic version of Love Will Tear Us Apart that we’ve been playing with him on stage. Stephen was quite overawed:

Stephen and Toumani - BFFs

Then we played him the original Joy Division version, which he’d never heard before. He found it hilarious:

Toumani listening

We were totally blown away by the whole thing. Just… wow…

Just wow...

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