Tru Thoughts birthday party at KOKO – featuring Belleruche and more

Last weekend I headed off to Brighton Record label Tru Thoughts’ 12th birthday party at KOKO in my role as one of Belleruche‘s official groupies. It was a fantastic night full of great music, good friends and wine gums on the rider.

Here’s a pic of Ricky Fabulous in front of a poster for the night just down the road from our house. Stuff like this amuses the hell out of us:

Belleruche poster

We went for *amazing* tapas at El Parador, just by Mornington Crescent tube station. I’m almost loathe to tell you about if, because it was sooo good and we’ll never be able to get a booking again if everyone starts going there.

Belleruche tapas

First up on the bill was Anchorsong and the lovely ladies of his string quartet. I loved his set at the Queen of Hoxton when the Shadow Orchestra supported him, and I loved it at KOKO too.

Anchorsong at KOKO

I missed Nostalgia 77 because I was too busy stealing the wine gums upstairs in the dressing room, but of course I was right down the front for Belleruche’s set. They played four new songs in their relatively short set, including another outing for Kathrin on the bass. She looked so cool!

Belleruche at KOKO 3

Ricky in full rock god mode:

Belleruche at KOKO 2

I watched about half of the Hidden Orchestra’s lush electronic set. I was really impressed with the cellist they brought along – didn’t catch her name though:

Hidden Orchestra at KOKO

All in all a triumph! Thanks to Tru Thoughts and the Soundcrash team for a great night.

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