In the studio with Talk In Colour

I still find it a bit weird referring to the Shadow Orchestra as Talk In Colour, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

We’re oh-so-close to finishing off our new album, but it’s still missing that certain something. So we headed to our old haunt – Treacle Studios in Shoreditch – to muck about with a load of percussion and make some noise.

Treacle recording studios

Chris in the control room:

Chris in the controol room

In order to create a suitably uninhibited vibe, we utilised a few bottles of this amazing stuff – Marks & Spencers’ alcoholic ginger ale. Very tasty and perfect for a chilly winter evening:

This is no ordinary ginger beer...

(If M&S would like to sponsor our new album, we’d be very grateful…)

Mary gets her cowbell action on. Standing on a dolly is optional but adds a certain edge of excitement:

Mary goes wild wth the percussion

It turns out a metal bin is a remarkably effective drum – Bangin’!

Metal bin as a drum

More cowbell!

More cowbell!

With a bit of luck, we should have the whole album finished by Christmas. It’s sounding great already, and I can’t wait to unleash it on the world.

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