Wedding cakery: Another ginger cake

Another attempt at a ginger cake, as I continue my quest for the top tier of my wedding cake.

Next on the list was the Gingerbread Guinness cake from Tea With Bea. I got a bit nervous as the batter was alarmingly runny, but the cake came out brilliantly and I brushed it with some syrup from a jar of stem ginger to make it extra yummy.


Unfortunately, it still had an uneven top, but after a quick Twitter chat with Bea herself, I realised that I could just slice the top off to get the perfect cake for my needs.

It tasted even better after a few days, so I reckon this one’s a keeper. I’ll make the proper tier closer to the Big Day. Now just the chocolate middle layer to go…

2 responses to “Wedding cakery: Another ginger cake

  1. Hey Kat, its Polly.
    I hope all is well- when are you getting married? Sounds very soon!! I’m very impressed that you are making the cake, I would be lazy and get someone else to!! 😀
    I look forward to hearing about the big day. Best wishes

    • Hi Polly, good to hear from you! We’re getting married at the end of December, so not long now. The cake is shaping up to be a challenge, but in a good way 🙂

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