Talk In Colour – debut gig at Ginglik (or is it?)

When is a debut gig not a debut gig? Although our gig at Ginglik last weekend was technically our debut gig as Talk In Colour, we’re still the same lineup as the Shadow Orchestra, and still have the same tunes. But in a nod to the brave new world we’re in, we did have a completely new order for our set, which was more than a little confusing.

It was great to be back at Ginglik – somewhere we played a long time ago in a much earlier incarnation – so thanks to Colin for booking us. We were also really happy to get a nice long, unpressured soundcheck, and (more importantly) it sounded really good too. Then it was time to kick back in the club with some drinks and food, and wait for showtime.


Because it was our Christmas party, we had homemade mince pies, tinsel and even a mascot:


Though I think Nick’s tinsel halo looked a lot better than Chris’ tinsel pubes – you be the judge:



It was bloody freezing in the place, and I ended up keeping my vest on under my stage outfit. That’s rock and roll glamour for you.

The only thing we were missing was an audience. Showtime came and went, and there was still only a handful of people in the place. We held out for a whole hour, and eventually went on stage to a sparse audience. Clearly, booking a gig on one of the big Christmas party nights wasn’t a good idea.

Regardless, we really went for it and played a great gig. I started to feel a tiny bit self-conscious during the last track, as I realised I had been leaping around like an idiot in front of a half-empty room. Still, it went well and we should be going back next year – hopefully to a much bigger crowd.

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