End of an era – farewell to Treacle Studios

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On Monday I hauled my harp down two flights of stairs into a Shoreditch basement for the last time. I’ve risked a slipped disc doing that particular manouevre more times than I can remember, rehearsing with at least 5 different bands over the past 7 or 8 years.  And although my spine is glad I won’t have to do it again, the rest of me is sad.

Treacle Studios became the Shadow Orchestra’s (and now Talk In Colour’s) spiritual home: it’s the place where we wrote our last EP and the upcoming album, and our main rehearsal space – with all the memories of joy and frustration that come with creating music together.

So it was completely gutting to discover that the landlord who owns the building has doubled their rent “for the Olympics”, and Grant and the gang will have to move out. We’re hopeful that we – and they – can find alternative spaces, but right now it really sucks hard.

Farewell Treacle, it’s been emotional.

2 responses to “End of an era – farewell to Treacle Studios

  1. SO sucks. I’ve had many a good time there 😦

  2. Yeah, that *is* sad news, yes. Treacle was also the home of long-sunken Sinking Cruise Ship Rescue Drama – it had good vibes down there.

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