Sunday Driver photoshoot

Every so often I find myself wondering what the hell I’m doing with my life. These thoughts were prompted on Tuesday by finding myself trudging through brambles in the garden of an abandoned house, wearing little more than underwear in freezing February temperatures.

This self-inflicted torture was all in the name of a photoshoot for Sunday Driver, snapped by the fantastic Jonathan Doyle.  We started off by getting ready in the Crown and Pipes pub in Fenstanton. Here’s Chemise modelling his wonderful hat:


Chemise modelling his spectacular hat

We moved on to slightly naughtily trespassing in the garden of a derelict house:


A sticky situation. Ho ho.

I was wearing a fabulous new corset from Corsets UK, which I am totally in love with:


Tits McGee.

Following a recommendation from two chaps in the pub, we headed over to Bannold’s Landscape yard, which is packed with brilliant backdrops including a genuine 1890s mobile shepherd’s hut:


Joe looking cool

Jonathan Doyle

Photographer Jonathan at work

And half a railway station with a couple of old carriages:



Mel - a man on a journey


Huge thanks to Mike and the team at Bannold’s (and Chippie the dog!) for letting us use their space:

Mike and Chippie

Mike and Chippie

Rather than my crappy snaps, here’s a sneak peak of one of Jonathan’s proper photos. They came out really well  – apart from/because of the fact that I appear to have no clothes on! Ooops…


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