Sunday Driver at the High Barn

Next stop for the Sunday Driver juggernaut was the High Barn in Great Bardfield, a venue in a tiny Essex village that has somehow managed to carve out a name as a great place for acoustic music (and also Four Poofs and a Piano, who were on the week before). We were treated to a beautiful sunset and an amazing starry night:

Sunset over Great Bardfield

We were supported by a couple of lovely singer-songwriters, who not only played great sets but were super-friendly backstage – firstly Ellie Jamison:

Ellie Jamison

And then Jon Hart:

Jon Hart

Scott and Amit go through their strenuous pre-gig warmup routine:

Scott and Amit asleep

We played. It was fun:

Sunday Driver at High Barn 2

And then I went off to stay in the luxurious-sounding “Stansted Skyline Hotel”, which turned out to be little more than a few rooms off a restaurant on the road out of Great Dunmow, reeking of cigarette smoke and suffering from very poorly-fitted curtains. The harp was not impressed. I reminded her sternly that if she wants to stay in better hotels, we need to get some better-paying gigs…

Stansted hotel

The bathroom facilities also left much to be desired. Here’s the shower – can you spot what’s missing?

Luxury shower facilities

Ah, the glamorous life of a musician… Next stop, Cambridge Folk Club.

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