Lapping it up – Honeymooning in Finnish Lapland

More wedding blog posts to come. I’m more than a little busy…

Ricky and I don’t really do holidays. Other than grabbing the odd weekend away here and there, jaunts to Toronto to see my sister, or the now-legendary Sunday Driver trip to India for Joel and Chandy’s wedding six years ago, we have neither the time nor the cash for big holidays abroad. In fact, we worked out that our single week of honeymoon in Lapland was the longest we had spent on our own together since we first met.

Lapland signpost


Anyway. Enough whingeing. We had an amazing time in Saariselka, a tiny village in northern Finnish Lapland, which we booked through Inghams. Despite the chilly temperatures – though apparently the -15C nip in the air was “warm for this time of year”, according to the locals – our little log cabin was toasty warm, and we were snug outside in our snowsuits and thermal boots. Only having around 4 hours of daylight was a bit weird though, and really messed about with our body-clocks.

We did downhill skiing, dog-sledding and cross-country skiing (which resulted in me getting a rather painful groin strain – not what you want to pick up on honeymoon…) and spent a lot of time just mooching about in the beautiful snowy landscape.


Cross-country skiing through the forest - groin strain optional

Lapland Landscape

Beautiful, peaceful, perfect snowscape.

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