Buy the new Sunday Driver album, launch gig tickets, T-shirts….

One of the things keeping me busy lately is making this little video for Sunday Driver for our new PledgeMusic campaign – pop over there now and preorder our new album The Mutiny, or any of the other wonderful goodies we have on offer. Go on, be a love…

I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice to say that we really need some help.  If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know we’re about to launch our second album – The Mutiny – and we’re really excited about it. We’ve got some fantastic people in the UK and US who want to do PR for it, but they ain’t going to do it for nothing.

We’ve also got lots of offers of gigs in the UK and further afield including the US and Europe. But unfortunately we don’t have any money for it, and the gig fees don’t cover the costs of taking all eight of us on the road.  Thanks to the current pathetic state of the live music business and the size of the band, almost every single gig we do leaves us out of pocket at the moment.

So we’re launching a Pledge Music campaign to try and raise some cash – this will cover PR for the album, high profile but low-paying gigs, and some really exciting collaborations we’ve got in the pipeline with people like singer Sol Ruiz and spoken word artist Beyonder.
Please consider supporting the campaign – the minimum pledge is just £8, which gets you the new album as a digital download. But for a bit more, you can get a signed album, T-shirts, handknitted socks or mittens, or even a trip to the V&A museum with me and Chandy from the band.
Go on, or I’ll chin ya…
Sunday Driver

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