Talk In Colour play Simon Says at the Jazz Cafe

I can’t believe how fast this month is running away with me. It doesn’t seem a minute since Talk In Colour played at the Jazz Cafe for WahWah45s amazing Simon Says night – raising money in memory of label founder Simon Goss for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation – but it was back at the beginning of March. If anyone knows where the past 3 months went, please let me know.

It was such a great night packed with loads of fantastic bands and lovely people. Here’s the running order – it was absolutely rammed!
Simon Says 2012

We had what was probably the most stressful soundcheck I’ve ever had. Thanks to Camden Council’s lovely roadworks I couldn’t unload outside the venue, then I couldn’t find anywhere remotely close to park and had to push the harp for what felt like miles, Chris was running late and got a flat tyre as he was parking, and Mary and Nick couldn’t make it due to work commitments.

Talk In Colour Jazz Cafe

Still, we played well (despite understandably dubious sound at first) and people seemed to like it:

Talk In Colour Jazz cafe

The lovely Gideon Conn, one of the other acts, drew a sweet little picture of us playing which he auctioned in aid of the cause:

Gideon Conn Talk In Colour

All in all, a great night that raised thousands of pounds for a fantastic cause. Well done to Dom and all the WahWah team, and thanks for having us down 🙂

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