Talk in Colour play upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s

On Thursday Talk In Colour played an absolute blinder of a gig, which I’m still buzzing from, in the hallowed hall of Ronnie’s Bar upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s historic jazz club.

Ronnie Scott's Bill

When we found out about the gig, thanks to Bence and Andrew at Bolygo Music, I thought our drummer Dave was going to have some kind of jazzgasm.

Ronnie Scott's

Mary despairs at the soundcheck:

Mary at Ronnie Scott's

While Dave’s just happy to be there:

Dave at Ronnie Scott's

Support came first from the incredible Corina Piatti – a fantastic Argentinian singer/guitarist:

Corina Piatti at Ronnie Scott's

Next was multi-talented percussionist Renu and her band of impressive instrumentalists and singers. She’s a wonderful musician who I’ve previously collaborated with, and I can’t wait to here her new album, which I played on. Huge thanks are due to her guitarist Jo for the loan of her amp, which got us out of a big logistical hole:

Renu at Ronnie Scott's

We finally got on stage, and played our socks off – mainly thanks to the awesome sound engineer who managed to contrive things so we could actually all hear each other on stage for once. I had such a good time, and the crowd was brilliant. Massive thanks to everyone who came down and everyone involved – such a great night 🙂

Our next gig is at the Union Chapel in Islington for Daylight Music at 12pm on Saturday 31st March. Can’t wait!

2 responses to “Talk in Colour play upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s

  1. Wow. I used to go to Ronnie Scotts all the time during the early 90s (student discount. You could get in for five to ten pounds). Ken Clarke used to sit near the back smoking cigars and the music was always fantastic. Way to go!

    • We were playing in the bar upstairs but it was good enough 🙂 I had a lovely chat to an older chap with a fabulous trilby, silk scarf and walking-cane who apparently hangs out there all the time (can’t remember his name) who enjoyed our set, which I’ll take as high praise!

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