Daylight Music – Talk In Colour at the Union Chapel

Daylight Music 31st MarchLast Saturday I was back at the Union Chapel for the second time in little over a month (after the recent Sunday Driver gig) for Daylight Music. This time I was playing with Talk In Colour, taking our electronic soundscapes and dirty basslines out to play in the Chapel’s glorious acoustics.

Things didn’t start off well, with a couple of unexpected hitches meaning that our soundcheck ran late, holding everyone up and making the whole gig run behind schedule. We can only apologise profusely to everyone and promise not to do it again.

Anyway, proceedings kicked off with Rome Pays Off – a trio with the rather unusual lineup of two bassists and one guitar. Probably best described as “drone-core”, their lush soundscapes echoed round the church and sent a shiver up my spine.

Rome Pays Off

Next up were the fantastic Wilderthorn, whose set of not-folky-at-all-despite-what-you-might-expect acoustic songs was a great treat. I even forked out a fiver for their new EP, which is always the sign of a good gig.


And then in was Talk In Colour’s turn. There’s loads of amazing photos from Diana Jarvis over on the Daylight Music Facebook page – here are a couple of my faves (yeah, they’re of me. It’s my damn blog…):

Kat Mary Talk In Colour

Kat Talk In Colour

This is my counting face!

Kat Talk In Colour

We were also very brave and played two new tracks – Intra, a short introduction from our upcoming album, and our first ever cover, Petit Pays by Cesaria Evora. Ricky took a video of us playing it, and I reckon we did it justice…

Finally, three cheers from my fabulous new frock from Lady Vintage – how awesome is this? And only 50 quid!

Lady Vintage Poppy dress

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