Talk In Colour – Colliderscope, out now!

Most people will probably know about this already, because I’ve been banging on about it for weeks but the Talk In Colour album ColliderScope is out now as a digital download and real-life CDs in the actual shops, thanks to the lovely people at ShellShock Distribution:

Talk in Colour - ColliderScope

OMG! We made a thing! And it’s in the shops! Thanks to Ryan for taking the photo.

It’s a childhood dream come true for me to have a CD in the shops by one of my own bands that I helped to write, not just one I’ve played on as a session musician.

We’ve had some rave review for it already, including four stars (and a namecheck!) from David Honigman in the Financial Times:

Talk In Colour FT Review


Not quite sure what he means by commercial overexposure though – one remix in an online ad and the soundtrack of an indie Brit-flick doesn’t exactly make us Moby…

More lovely things about it:

“…faultless production … rich and mesmeric”   Drowned In Sound

“One of the most original, mesmerizing and enthralling acts around. Their debut album intrigues and draws you into their multi-layered sound where electronics, guitar, harp and vocals collide.”   Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s)

“ColliderScope” delivers an enticing wave of experimental sound, gilded by shimmering juxtaposed shades of light and dark.”   Shout 4 Music

“… had us hooked from the very first minute”  No Fear Of Pop

Listen to the mini-mashup on Soundcloud:

4 responses to “Talk In Colour – Colliderscope, out now!

  1. Hey Kat,

    How hard was it getting stuff released with Shellshock ?? – Are you using your own label ?? – I now have three tracks recorded, and I’d like to do “something” with them, but I’m not sure what. Mine is a little more tricky as I don’t sing on them, I had some session guys and girls put down a lot of stuff. PLUS – the three tracks are really different to each other. They’re currently going through a very vague mastering process !!!

    • Hi Maxxy,
      We’re releasing on our own label – NightCabin. It was pretty tough getting a physical distribution deal. We tried a lot of places and none of them were interested because we didn’t have a record deal. To be honest, my other band Sunday Driver do just as well selling mp3s and CDs ourselves through Artists Without a Label (who get us on iTunes etc) and BandCamp. You may be better off taking a DIY approach and sticking with digital release, especially if you don’t have a whole album.

  2. Thanks Kat. I think my producer has his own label, so he may have already some distribution avenues. I Think he’s also got a TV / Film contact who he’s going to push the three tracks to, to see if we can move them that way. Just trying to justify spending more money on another lot to work towards an album is tough though. With a family, there’s always something more worthy of spending the money on. But these first three tracks ( the first three I have EVER actually managed to finish, albeit with LOTS of help ) have come out SO so well, it gives me hope that one day I too may be able to walk into a shop and see my album. ( If CDs still exist by then !!! LOL )

    For some reason, I’ve never heard your TalK In Colour stuff before, only your other band. I REALLY like it. I guess because I’m a keyboard player, I love the electro egde it has. It must be a bit surreal actually seeing it in the shops !!!! – Maybe one day……..

    • Good luck with it – definitely try and get your stuff pushed to TV/film! Glad you like Talk In Colour too – it’s a huge relief to finally get the album out, and we’re now busy writing the next one…

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