Writing, presenting & speaking

Kat 2015Email me: kat@katarney.com

Dr Kat Arney is a science writer, presenter, podcaster and public speaker.

She is definitely not the female Brian Cox, despite what the internet says. Maybe more like the Nigella of science… She is also one of the “Top 10 Brits who make science sexy”, according to BBC America. Read more about her story at We Are The City: Inspirational women – Dr Kat Arney.

Until March 2016, when she cast herself upon the freelance waves, Kat was a professional science communicator, media spokesperson and award-winning blogger for Cancer Research UK. She counts among her achievements saying the word “boobs” and discussing oral sex on the Today programme, the infamous “drink it down your face” interview, and likening part of the cell division machinery to something out of Star Wars.


Herding Hemingway's CatsKat’s first book was the well-received, 5-star reviewed Herding Hemingway’s Cats: understanding how our genes work (Bloomsbury Sigma, 2016). She has also written How to Code a Human (Andre Deutsch, 2017).

As a freelance, she has written for a wide range of outlets including the Times Educational Supplement, BBC News Focus, the Daily MailWiredBBC Online, The Guardian, New Scientist and more.

Presenting & podcasting

KKat headshot 2015at co-wrote and presented the acclaimed 5-part comedy factual BBA Radio 4 series, Did the Victorians Ruin the World? with her sister, Helen Arney.

Kat produces and presents the monthly Naked Genetics podcast and was a co-host of the highly successful Naked Scientists BBC Radio show and podcast for 15 years.

She has presented several BBC Radio 4 documentaries – Fighting the Power of PinkWhatever Happened to the Chemistry Set and Mapping the Void – as well as programmes for the Radio 4 Costing the Earth series including WasteWatchers and A Toilet for the 21st Century.

She’s also appeared as a general pundit-type guest on the World Service and other news outlets, talking about subjects as diverse as human cloning, cancer, the large hadron collider and hip-hop.

Dipping her toes into the world of TV, she presented a taster for the TV documentary How to be Immortal (Big Baby Productions) and was production consultant on the 2012 documentary “The Enemy Within – 50 years of fighting cancer”. And she’s in the Royal Institution video advent calendar, along with lots of cake and a naked male model:


Kat is an experienced and accomplished public speaker, presenting science-based topics in an engaging and witty way. She’s spoken at events across the country for a wide range of audiences of all ages, from school auditoriums to handfuls of dinner guests, science or literary festivals to Skeptics in the Pub.

Kat has also hosted high-profile events and panel discussions in venues including the Royal Society, Dana Centre and NESTA’s FutureFest, FameLab and Dolly the Sheep’s 20th Birthday party.

She’s also happy to speak about alternative career pathways for scientists, and about life as a science communicator.

If you’d like her to speak at or host your event, drop her an email – kat@katarney.com

Science communication workshops, media training, consultancy

Kat is happy to offer science communications and media training, and has run workshops at Cancer Research UK, Alzheimer’s Society, the Association of Medical Research Charities and more.

She also offers her skills and experience in science communication as a freelance consultant, writer and podcaster, and has worked with Anthony Nolan, the University of Oxford and Design Science.

Please get in touch by email to enquire: kat@katarney.com

Scientific background

In her former scientific life, Kat holds a degree in natural sciences and a PhD in developmental biology (with Professor Azim Surani) from Cambridge University, followed by a post-doc with Professor Mandy Fisher at Imperial College, London. (Her academic papers are listed here, if you’re really interested…)

The views expressed on this blog are entirely my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employers, family or friends. And yes, I am Helen Arney’s sister – here’s her website.


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