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Music on Mondays: The Waves – Villagers

Bloody loving this track right now:

It’s out at the end of October. Cannot wait.

(warning – the video is very flashy and strobey, so not good for epileptics or people who go a bit wonky with flashing lights)

New Sunday Driver video – Mechanical Angel

Check out this utterly awesome and beautiful video for Mechanical Angel by Sunday Driver, made by the lovely Gareth at Zenith Films.

Here’s a couple of sneaky behind-the-scenes pics. Chandy and I filmed our parts in front of a green screen. You’ll have to look hard to spot us in the video but we’re definitely there!

Chandy rocks the corsetry:

Chandy Nath

The harp and I enjoying our moment in the spotlight:

Kat Arney

Music on Mondays: You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It – The Milton Keynes song

Tip of the hat to Shane Quentin and his Garden of Earthly Delights for finding this gem and sending me coursing back to my childhood and formative teenage years spent trundling round Milton Keynes shopping centre. This song is unrelentingly dreadful in its forced cheeriness, much like CMK.

Music on Mondays: Talk In Colour – Rocking Horse (new video!)

I’m so excited to finally see the new video from Talk In Colour for our new single Rocking Horse which should be out very very soon. I’ve already blogged behind-the-scenes photos and blether here – it’s hard for me to watch the video without my back aching in sympathy, as I spent about 5 hours carting a harp around the place.

Anyway – here’s it is, please watch, like and share!

Music on Mondays: Metronomy – The Bay (Marimba overdub)

Seems that marimbas are enjoying a resurgence at the moment, mainly thanks to Jamie XX as far as I can tell. So here’s a fun video of percussionist Ric Elsworth playing a marimba overdub on a track from Metronomy. Loving the mallety goodness.

Music on Mondays: Egyptrixx – Chrysalis Records

It’s not particularly new but I love this track from Egyptrixx, from their album Bible Eyes. It makes me feel all woozy, but in a good way:

New Sunday Driver video

Check out this fantastic video for Sunday Driver’s new song Myself , made by Zenith Films featuring footage taken from the Halsteadarian film series. Love it 🙂

And if you want to be the first to get hold of  the  new album The Mutiny, which this track is taken from, head over to our Pledge page and pre-order your copy right now!

Music on Mondays: Public Service Broadcasting -ROYGBIV

I first heard Public Service Broadcasting at a Soundcrash night at KOKO a little while back and instantly fell in love with their sound. We walked into the venue as they were playing, and all around us we could hear people asking “Who are they?”, which is a sure sign of a band to watch.

I’ll even forgive their slightly cutesy old-fashioned personas (says the girl who spends her weekends hopping about in a corset…) as I met them backstage afterwards and they were two of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.

I put in a strong bid to have them play at the upcoming Talk In Colour album launch, but I think we’re eschewing support bands. More’s the pity, as they are great. Go and see them if you can – they’re playing at 229 with the Correspondents on 30th March, and I believe they have an EP out soon.

Here’s their new single ROYGBIV, which is available now, for your enjoyment.

Music on Mondays: Jonwayne – Andrew

One for the 8-bit fans – this is off Jonwayne’s album Bowser. It’s a concept album based around 8-bit computer music, and is really rather charming:

Music on Mondays: Honey In The Rock – Mary Hampton

I still can’t get over how amazing Mary Hampton and her Cotillion were in Norwich last month. I’ve been listening to her albums non-stop and love them. Here’s her latest single, Honey In The Rock, released on Rough Trade (although I can’t immediately find out how to buy it…). Lovely.