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Music on Mondays: Revere and Toumani Diabate – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Remember last November I went on tour with Revere, supporting Toumani Diabate? Remember also how it was TOTALLY AWESOME, and we also managed to sneak into a recording studio with him?

Well, the fruits of our labours are finally available for the world to see:


Music on Mondays: Sunday Driver – Concubine Waltz video

Back in the mists of time, Sunday Driver launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to raise money to make a video for Carousel, the proposed first single off our upcoming album The Mutiny. It was a huge success and we raised nearly twice our target.

Although it’s taken a lot longer than we anticipated – due to unforseen problems, poor weather, the quest for artistic perfection, and the usual unexpected faffing that accompanies all creative projects – the video is finally here.   It’s definitely been worth the wait and has racked up thousands of views in just a single week. Hurrah!

Here’s the video, and you can buy the single now on Bandcamp.

The observant among you will notice that it’s now not even the same song that we originally intended to release. Once we’d actually recorded, mixed and mastered the album, we realised that a previously unassuming little tune – Concubine Waltz – had turned out much stronger than we expected, so we decided to make that the lead single instead.

Massive thanks are due to Evelyn Kreite and GD Falksen, who masterminded and made the video for us. They are two of the most awesome people I know and went far above the call of duty to make this. Thank you both x

Music on Mondays: Belleruche – Stormbird

I can’t believe the new Belleruche album isn’t coming out until May – living with Ricky from the band, it’s been a constant presence in our lives since they first started working on it at the beginning of 2011. It’s been a hell of a year for all three of them, and it’s been fascinating to see their new songs take shape and hear about how they’ve been experimenting in  the studio.

Anyway, the first single  – Stormbird – is coming out soon and here it is:

Soundcloud link

It’s a real step forward in the band’s sound and I love it. And having heard the rest of the new album, it seems to me that 2012 is going to be the year that Belleruche finally get the recognition they deserve.

Music on Mondays: Nightshifts – Talk In Colour (Microburst remix)

We’ve been slightly blown away by how much love this remix of Talk In Colour‘s debut single Nightshifts has been getting – from being featured as Track of the Day by XLR8R and The Line Of Best Fit to being played by Rob Da Bank on his BBC Radio 1 show this week.

Listen and download now for free to find out what all the fuss is about.

And download the original for free here

Music on Mondays: Sunday Driver – Clockwork Tiger

Today’s selection is a track from Sunday Driver’s upcoming album The Mutiny. It’s actually a song that I wrote, so I’m pretty proud of how it turned out (and relieved that it actually made it onto the album…).

There’s quite a story behind the song, which was inspired by Tipu Sultan’s mechanical tiger, currently residing in the V&A museum, which I’ll tell some other time.


PS – If you want to get your hands on a sneaky pre-release copy of the CD, then head over here. Don’t tell ’em I told you…

Music on Mondays: Leah Kardos – Feather Hammer

Regular listeners to the Shady Ladies podcast will recognise the name Leah Kardos from me banging on about her in this month’s show.

She’s just brought out Feather Hammer, a new album of gorgeous manipulated piano tracks – by turns minimalist, ambient and crunchy. I’m a particular fan of DFACE, Remnant 2 and Repeater (the track we featured in the podcast).

Unfortunately I can’t embed tracks on the blog, but here’s a recording from a show she did for Resonance FM, talking about the creative process behind the work and playing tracks from the album. And, of course, you could just listen to the tracks and buy it directly from Bandcamp.

She’s performing some of the pieces at the Wilmington Arms on 25th November, which will be well worth going along to. Tickets and more info here.

Music on Mondays: Sweet as a Duck remix

Big up to my housemate Duck for this awesome new remix of Sweet as a Nut by the Shadow Orchestra. I give you Duckyboy’s Sweet as a Duck remix:

Music on Mondays: Joe South – Hole in Your Soul

I heard this on 6music the other day and instantly fell in love with this song. I’m not entirely convined by the rest of his output, but this is ace. Expect it to turn up in a Shady Ladies podcast very soon!

Music on Mondays: Sunday Driver – The Mutiny album teaser

It’s finally here! After about 2 years of blood, sweat, tears, tea and biscuits, Sunday Driver have finally finished our second full studio album – The Mutiny (funded by Arts Council England).

Here’s a teaser:

Producers Tom and Mel have really gone to town on the tracks, and while they still have the acoustic vibe that we know and love, there’s a wonderful richness to the production thanks to some subtle layering of sounds.

We’ve got a limited run of 300 special edition hand-numbered pre-release CDs that will be available to buy shortly*, with a full release to follow early in 2012.  Here they are in my kitchen:

I always get so excited by this part of the whole music-making process – I just want to run around pushing it in people’s faces shouting “Look! We made a thing!! And it sounds AMAZING!!!”

*If you want to get your mitts on a copy, leave a message in the comments (don’t forget to fill in your email address) and I’ll email the link as soon as it’s sorted out.


Music on Mondays: Gene Page – All Our Dreams Are Coming True

I was digging about last night and re-discovered this gorgeous track (produced by none other than Barry White!). I’ve loved it ever since I heard it on a St Etienne mix CD a couple of years ago, but haven’t been able to find a full version on CD or mp3 anywhere.

Emboldened by a glass of wine or two, I finally bought it on 7″ vinyl over the internet. Given that I don’t have a record player, I’m not sure it was such a good idea.