KKat headshot 2015at has more than 15 years experience as a broadcaster and podcaster, and is also available for voiceover work.

As a principle media spokesperson for Cancer Research UK, she has appearing on radio and TV in the UK and around the world, and was a co-host of the highly successful Naked Scientists BBC Radio show and podcast for more than a decade. She also produced and presented the monthly Naked Genetics podcast in association with the Genetics Society for several years.

Kat has presented several BBC Radio 4 documentaries – Fighting the Power of PinkWhatever Happened to the Chemistry Set and Mapping the Void – as well as programmes for the Radio 4 Costing the Earth series including WasteWatchers and A Toilet for the 21st Century. 

Kat also co-wrote and presented the acclaimed 5-part comedy factual BBC Radio 4 series, Did the Victorians Ruin the World? (Hat Trick Productions, 2017) with her sister, Helen Arney.

She’s appeared as a guest on the World Service and other news outlets, talking about subjects as diverse as human cloning, cancer, the large hadron collider and hip-hop.

Dipping her toes into the world of TV, she presented a taster for the TV documentary How to be Immortal (Big Baby Productions) and was production consultant on the 2012 documentary “The Enemy Within – 50 years of fighting cancer”. And she’s in the Royal Institution video advent calendar, along with lots of cake and a naked male model: